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Terms of Use


1. What is this page?


This page describes the permission (also called a license) that we (FunnelBrain LLC) grant you to use our website, the limitations and conditions on that license, and promises that you make to us.


2. Do you have to pay us?


We currently do not charge you to use most of our website. We might change that in the future. You are not agreeing to that now. We do charge you to use some parts of our website. Before you may use those parts of our website, you must agree to other agreements, which we will make available to you before we charge you anything.


3. What license do we grant you?


We give you our permission to display and operate our website for educational purposes. We may revoke our permission at any time by either preventing your access or sending you a notice. We may grant permission to anyone else we want and can use our website ourselves. We may change the permission we give you by changing this page and asking you to confirm that you read it. We are only giving you permission to use our website; except for anything you own and upload to our website, you do not own any of our website or any copies of any of it.


4. What are the conditions on your use of the website?


We only give you permission to use our website if you are at least 13 years old and you have our privacy policy, content policy, and frequently asked questions. If you do not meet these conditions, then you do not have our permission to use our website.


5. What are the limitations on your use of the website?


We do not give you our permission to do any of the following:


  • give our permission to anyone else;
  • use any of our website to violate our content policy;
  • use any of our website to log in using someone else's user name or to avoid any other security features of our website;
  • print or distribute any of our website other than this page and any other pages that say you may print them;
  • copy or store any of our website except as reasonably needed to display and operate it for educational purposes;
  • copy anything from our website on to any other website; use any of our website for the purpose of creating anything that competes with it; use any of our website to collect personally identifiable information about anyone;
  • or use any software to access our computers or website, other than a web browser.



6. What license do you grant us?


If you upload anything to our website, you give us your permission to do the following things with it as required to operate our website: copy it, distribute it, display it, perform it, create new things based on it (which are then called "derivative works"), and include it in other things (which are then called "compilations"). You also give us permission to let anyone else do so. You are only giving us permission to use your upload; we do not own any of your upload. You are giving us your permission permanently. You cannot end your permission once you upload something to our website.


7. What other promises do we make you?


Unless we enter into a separate, written agreement with you, we make no promises to you. We give no warranty on our website. Our website—like all software—will have bugs and will fail from time to time. The security for our website—like most websites—can be broken. If you don't protect your user name and password, other people can use your account. We may change our website at any time and may discontinue any or all of it. Because of bugs, hackers, unauthorized users, or website changes, you may lose access to things that you have uploaded to our website. We have no responsibility for anything that gets lost, so you should save anything you upload on your own computer.


8. What other promises do you make us?


If you have reached the age when the law allows you to make a contract (18 in most of the United States), then you promise us to abide by the limitations set out above.



9. What law governs this license?


We grant our permission from our headquarters in California, under the law of California, and under our rights under United States copyright law. By granting you this license, we do not submit ourselves to the laws or courts wherever you are.


Last Update

This version of this page first appeared on December 3, 2009. You may print this page for your records.