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a wrongful mental state , or intent is known as

a)  mala in se
b)  actus reus
c)  mens rea
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  • Answered in aj10
    as discused in the textbook , corpus delictis refers to
    a)the element of the crime
    b)the basic elemnt of a crime
    c)a criminal act
    b)a criminal act
  • Answered in aj10
    what defense is used when the wrondoing of the accused is excused because he or she is too yound to fuly understand the consequences of his or her action
  • Answered in aj10
    a common law test of a criminal responsibility that relies ot he defendent inability to distinguish right from wrong is the
    a)substantial capacity test
    b)irresistible impulse test
    c)M'Naughten Rule
    c)M'Naughten Rule
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    When a victim experiances frstration with the criminal justice system and believes that he or she was nothing more than a piece of evidence to the criminal justice agent this is refereed to as a process of
    a)system confusion
    b)system re-victimized
    c)system irritation
    b)system irritation
  • Answered in aj10
    historically victims of crime
    a)were absent from the criminal justice process
    b)were integral part of the criminal justice process
    c)played minor role in the criminal justice process
    a)played minor role in the criminal justice process
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    during the ____ of policing corrupting was rampant
    a)political era
    b)reform era
    c)community era
    a)community era
  • Answered in aj10
    all of the following wer recommendations of the wickersham commission EXCEPT
    a)improving use of technology
    b)increased use of foot patrol
    c)higher personnel standards
    b)higher personnel standards
  • Answered in aj10
    who is known as the father of modern police administration and responsible for establishing the first modern police department
    a)o.w wilson
    b)george wickersham
    c)sir robert peel
    c)sir robert peel
  • Answered in aj10
    the professional model of policing was promoted by
    a)o.w willson
    b)agust vollmer
    c)herbert hoover
    b)herbert hoover
  • Answered in aj10
    attempting to stop crimes before they are committing is a form of ___ policing.
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Question: a wrongful mental state , or intent is known as
mala in se
actus reus
mens rea