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what criminological theories primarily concerned with?

a)  assisting the criminal justice professional
b)  determining the reasons behind criinal behavior
c)  constructing grounds to explain the behavior of criminal justice professionals
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  • Answered in aj10
    according to _____ criminal offending is the result of interactions with parents, friends, and peer groups
    a)social progress theory
    b)trait theory
    c)socail disorganization theory
    a)socail disorganization theory
  • Answered in aj10
    A delinquent or criminal who commits multiple offenses and is considered part of the small group of wrongdoers who are responsible for the majority of the antisocial activities in any given community is a
    a)career offender
    b)constant offender
    c)chronic offender
    c)chronic offender
  • Answered in aj10
    in the criminal case the burden of proof is
    a)beyond resonable doubt
    b)beyond shawdow of doubt
    c)preponderance of the evidence
    a)preponderance of the evidence
  • Answered in aj10
    statues enacted by the legislative bodies at any level of government make up source of law , which is generally referred to as
    a)case law
    b)statutory law
    c)admistrative law
    c)admistrative law
  • Answered in aj10
    crimes punishable by death or imprisonment in federal or state penitrntiary for 1year or longer is called
    a)a felony
    c)petty misdemeanor
    a)petty misdemeanor
  • Answered in aj10
    the term mala prohibita refers to
    a)a human made law
    b)a violation of natural law
    c)an act that goes against the public moralitys
    a)an act that goes against the public moralitys
  • Answered in aj10
    a criminal act tht is considered wrong even if there is no law prohibiting it is known as
    b)mala prohibita
    c)mala in se
    c)mala in se
  • Answered in aj10
    a wrongful mental state , or intent is known as
    a)mala in se
    b)actus reus
    c)mens rea
    c)mens rea
  • Answered in aj10
    as discused in the textbook , corpus delictis refers to
    a)the element of the crime
    b)the basic elemnt of a crime
    c)a criminal act
    b)a criminal act
  • Answered in aj10
    what defense is used when the wrondoing of the accused is excused because he or she is too yound to fuly understand the consequences of his or her action
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Question: what criminological theories primarily concerned with?
assisting the criminal justice professional
determining the reasons behind criinal behavior
constructing grounds to explain the behavior of criminal justice professionals