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What is subvocalization?

a)  Meta-guiding
b)  Silently reading along
c)  Critical thinking
d)  A good technique for speed reading
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  • Answered in Speed Reading Test
    Which is the best way to apply speed reading techniques?
    a)Read about Evelyn Wood's speed reading techniques
    b)Practice reading at increasingly faster rates
    c)Rely on your old habits.
    d)None of the above
    b)None of the above
  • Answered in Speed Reading Test
    What is an "alarm clock" reading?
    a)Reading that takes place when you wake up
    b)Reading around the clock in a read-a-thon
    c)Speed reading a chapter for 15 minutes to see how many pages you read
    d)All of the above.
    c)All of the above.
  • Answered in Speed Reading Test
    Which one of these is NOT a speed reading technique?
    a)Tracking every word
    b)Widening your eye span
    c)Read words in clusters instead of one by one
    d)Reading at an "uncomfortable" rate
    a)Reading at an "uncomfortable" rate
  • Answered in Speed Reading Test
    How fast should you be reading as a college student when you read a scientific article?
    a)200 WPM
    b)300 WPM
    c)400 WPM
    d)500 WPM
    b)500 WPM
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Speed Reading Test
Speed Reading Test
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Question: What is subvocalization?
Silently reading along
Critical thinking
A good technique for speed reading