World History Semester 1

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The Manchu were known for all of the following except

a)  a. peaceful rule.
b)  b. prosperity and population boom.
c)  c. Confucian philosophy.
d)  d. shoguns.
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  • Sam Romero
    The Qing Rule was known as a rule of
    a)a. peace.
    b)b. prosperity.
    c)c. war.
    d)d. both a and b.
    d)d. both a and b.
  • Sam Romero
    Whatt country was known as the Hermit Kingdom?
    a)a. Japan
    b)b. Qing Dynasty
    c)c. Korea
    d)d. Britain
    c)d. Britain
  • Sam Romero
    This civiliztion strictly controlled European trading rights.
  • Sam Romero
    During the Tokugawa period the role for these part-time warriors changed. Name the warriors.
    a)a. Daimyo
    b)b. Samurai
    c)c. Shogun
    d)d. Shah
    b)d. Shah
  • Sam Romero
    The Dutch were the only Europeans allowed to trade with Japan as long as they ___.
    a)a. paid tribute to the emperor
    b)b. converted to Buddhism
    c)c. gave up all show of Christianity
    d)d. also traded with the Chinese
    c)d. also traded with the Chinese
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World History Semester 1
World History Semester 1
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Question: The Manchu were known for all of the following except
a. peaceful rule.
b. prosperity and population boom.
c. Confucian philosophy.
d. shoguns.