Insurance Billing and Coding

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What does CPT stand for?

a)  Current Procedural Terminology
b)  Contemporary Patient Tautology
c)  Cardiological Protocol Testing
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  • True or False: 

    An occupational hazard for insurance billing specialists is that insurance companies will frequently try their best to underpay claims or avoid paying them altogether.
  • 99213 is one of the most commonly used CPT codes and would probably be one of the first codes memorized by anyone working in the medical billing field. Based on this information, you could conclude that 99213 probably refers to
    a)delivery of MRI services.
    c)anorexia nervosa.
    d)an office visit.
    d)an office visit.
  • What major change took place to Medicare coverage in 2003?
    a)Medicare was expanded to cover the entire U.S. population.
    b)Prescription drug coverage was expanded and improved.
    c)Cancer treatments became reimbursable for the first time.
    d)All U.S. doctors who attended federally-funded medical schools were required to accept Medicare.
    b)All U.S. doctors who attended federally-funded medical schools were required to accept Medicare.
  • Medicare provides health insurance to senior citizens. Medicaid provides health insurance to
    a)health care professionals.
    b)low-income Americans.
    c)immigrants on temporary visas.
    d)university students.
    b)university students.
  • If a patient is treated for an injury sustained at work in the normal course of his duties, whom should the insurance billing specialist normally submit a claim for payment to?
    a)worker's compensation insurance plan
    b)employee's personal health care plan
    c)both worker's compensation AND personal health care plan
    d)employee's place of work
    a)employee's place of work
  • What percentage of people in the U.S. are covered by some form of health care insurance, whether private, employer-provided, or publicly funded?
    a)more than 80%
    d)less than 40%
    a)less than 40%
  • Which of the following insurance arrangements is the oldest and most traditional format?
    a)health maintenance organization
    c)managed care
    d)preferred provider
    b)preferred provider
  • Insurance companies are likely to deny payment in which of the following situations?
    a)The practitioner was not authorized to provide that type of service.
    b)Two similar services were delivered on the same day.
    c)The treatment delivered was not standard for that type of illness or injury.
    d)all of the above
    d)all of the above
  • True or False: 

    Standard medical billings practice includes charging more for services when an insurance company will be paying the bill. This is considered acceptable because of the extra cost incurred dealing with insurance claims.
  • True or False: 

    It is illegal to offer a small discount for payment-in-full at the time services are rendered.
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Insurance Billing and Coding
Insurance Billing and Coding
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Question: What does CPT stand for?
Current Procedural Terminology
Contemporary Patient Tautology
Cardiological Protocol Testing