Environmental Science Exam #2

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The World Health Organization regards health as primarily a matter of ________ well being. 

a)  physical
b)  mental and physical
c)  social and mental
d)   physical, mental, and social
e)   physical and social
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    Historically, the greatest threats to human health came from 
    a)carcinogenic or toxic chemicals.
    b) psychological stress factors due to crowding.
    c) pathogenic organisms.
    d) teratogenic chemicals.
    e)injuries (intentional and unintentional).
    c)injuries (intentional and unintentional).
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    Infectious diseases such as diarrhea are closely linked to 

    a)emotional stress.
    c) toxicity effects.
    d) the over consumption of fats.
    e)All of these exacerbate infectious diseases such as diarrhea.
    b)All of these exacerbate infectious diseases such as diarrhea.
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    Diseases such as the recent outbreak of cholera and Ebola are 

    a)caused by pathogenic organisms.
    b)called communicable diseases.
    c)called emergent diseases.
    d) happening more often in the past 20 years.
    e)All of these are characteristics of diseases such as cholera and Ebola.
    e)All of these are characteristics of diseases such as cholera and Ebola.
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    Most of the excessive carbon dioxide that is expected to cause global warming is generated by 

    a)green plants.
    b)burning of fossil fuels.
    c)production of cement and clearing of forests.
    d)burning of fossil fuels and production of cement and clearing of forests only.
    e)All of these are correct.
    d)All of these are correct.
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    Milankovitch cycles refer to 

    a)the jet streams.
    b)changes in the Earth's axis of rotation.
    c)the heating and cooling of air masses.
    d)seasonal changes in air temperature and humidity.
    e)the movement of tectonic plates.
    b)the movement of tectonic plates.
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    Parasitic worms are very common in areas where 

    a) the climate is dry.
    b)the climate is hot.
    c) sanitation is poor.
    d) urban development has been too rapid.
    e)the climate is humid.
    c)the climate is humid.
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     Hazardous substances ______________ while toxins are ______________. 

    a) react with specific cell components to kill cells; poisonous substances
    b)are dangerous substances; poisonous substances
    c) are usually of concern at all concentrations; are dangerous substances
    d) are poisonous substances; also poisonous substances
    e)All of these are true.
    b)All of these are true.
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    The two main gases making up the lower atmosphere are 

    a)helium and hydrogen.
    b)carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.
    c)oxygen and methane.
    d)nitrogen and oxygen.
    e)oxygen and carbon dioxide.
    d)oxygen and carbon dioxide.
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    The atmospheric zone where most weather events occur is the 

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    Historically, the greatest threat to grasslands has been 

    a) damage by off-road vehicles.
    b) air pollution.
    c)conversion to farmland.
    d)global climate change.
    e)mineral extraction.
    c)mineral extraction.
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Free Quiz Question From Environmental Science Exam #2
Question: The World Health Organization regards health as primarily a matter of ________ well being. 
mental and physical
social and mental
physical, mental, and social
physical and social