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Okazaki fragments are found in ____.

a)  the leading strand
b)  the lagging strand
c)  both strands
d)  both DNA primase and DNA polymerase
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  • Answered in Biology Final
    The syntesis of telomeres _____.
    a)uses DNA Polymerase I, but without the sliding clamp apparatus
    b)uses enzymes involved in DNA repair
    c)requires telomerase, which does not need a template
    d)requires telomerase which uses and internal RNA template
    d)requires telomerase which uses and internal RNA template
  • Answered in Biology Final
    Which type of enzyme would be involved in excision repair of DNA?
    c)DNA Polymerase III
  • Answered in Biology Final
    A replisome contains primase (T/F), helicase (T/F), gyrase (T/F), and ______.
    a)T;T;T; one DNA Polymerase III
    b)T;T;F; two DNA Polymerase III
    c)T;F;F: one DNA Polymerase I
    d)F;F;F; two DNA Polymerase I
    e)T;F;T; one DNA Polymerase II
    b)T;F;T; one DNA Polymerase II
  • Answered in Biology Final
    A replisome is a ____ speed DNA replication organelle (T/F) and the error rate is ~ ____ error(s) per chromosome.
    a)low; T; 1
    b)low; F; 10
    c)high; T; 1
    d)high; F; 10
    e)high; T; 100-1000
    c)high; T; 100-1000
  • Answered in Biology Final
    Processivity is the ability DNA Polymerase has to remain attached to the template while the new strand is being formed. Which of the following enables processvity to occur?
    a)DNA Primase
    b)RNA Primase
    d)SSB Proteins
    e)Beta-sliding clamp
    f)Alpha-sliding clamp
    g)Gamma-sliding clamp
    h)Okazaki clamp
    e)Okazaki clamp
  • Answered in Biology Final
    Binary fission in prokaryotes does not require the:
    a)replication of DNA
    b)elongation of the cell
    c)separation of the daughter cells by septum formation
    d)assembly of a nuclear membrane
    d)assembly of a nuclear membrane
  • Answered in Biology Final
    Chromatin consists of:
    a)RNA and proteins
    b)DNA and protein
    c)sister chromatids
  • Answered in Biology Final
    Mytomycin C is an anticancer drug that stops cell division by inserting itself into DNA strands and binding them together. This action has a major effect in ______.
    b)The G1 Phase
    c)The S Phase
    d)The G2 Phase
    e)The M Phase
    c)The M Phase
  • Answered in Biology Final
    What is the role of cohesion proteins in cell division?
    a)The organize the DNA of the chromosome into highly condensed structures
    b)They hold the DNA of the sister chromatids together
    c)They help the cell divide into two daughter cells
    d)They connect microtubules and chromosomes
    b)They connect microtubules and chromosomes
  • Answered in Biology Final
    The Kinetochore os a structure that fuctions to:
    a)connect the centromere to microtubules
    b)connect the centrioles to microtubules
    c)aid in chromosome condensation
    d)aid in chromosome cohesion
    a)aid in chromosome cohesion
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Free Quiz Question From Biology Final
Question: Okazaki fragments are found in ____.
the leading strand
the lagging strand
both strands
both DNA primase and DNA polymerase