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The two levels on which one should understand public opinion are

a)  Ideology and ethnicity
b)  state and local
c)  Aggregate and individual
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  • Answered in POLS3
    Citizens' attitudes about political issues, leaders, institutions, and events, when aggregated together, are known as:
    a)Civic attention
    b)public opinion
    c)popular culture
    b)popular culture
  • Answered in POLS3
    What people know and how they understand the world and the consequences of their actions are known as
  • Answered in POLS3
    Preferences reflect
    a)What people want
    b)What people know
    c)What people read
    a)What people read
  • Answered in POLS3
    Today in America there is a widespread agreement on fundamental political values such as
    a)Equality of gender, race and lifestyle
    b)Legalization of drugs, abortion rights and gun control
    c)Equality of opportunity, liberty and democracy
    c)Equality of opportunity, liberty and democracy
  • Answered in POLS3
    The induction of individuals into political culture and the process of learning the underlying beliefs and values on which the political system is based is called
    a)Political communion
    b)Political socialization
    c)Political juxtaposition
    b)Political juxtaposition
  • Answered in POLS3
    In the US, a liberal today generally supports political and social reform extensive government intervention in the economy and the expansion of federal social services
  • Answered in POLS3
    Which of the following is NOT an agent of socialization
    c)Video Games
    d)Social Groups
    c)Social Groups
  • Answered in POLS3
    A distinctive pattern of voting behavior reflecting the differences in views between women and men is called
    a)The gender difference
    b)The gender gap
    c)The Dolan Gap
    b)The Dolan Gap
  • Answered in POLS3
    The media's power to bring attention to particular issues and problems is referred to as
    b)Agenda setting
    c)journalistic integrity
    b)journalistic integrity
  • Answered in POLS3
    Framing refers to
    a)The media's ability to protect sources of information from public scrtutiny
    b)A process of preparing the public to take a particular view on an event or person
    c)The media's power to influence how events and issues are interpreted
    c)The media's power to influence how events and issues are interpreted
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Question: The two levels on which one should understand public opinion are
Ideology and ethnicity
state and local
Aggregate and individual