Ch 18 Milady Perms / Relaxers

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An indication of the strength of the side bonds is

a)  porosity
b)  elasticity
c)  flexibility
d)  absorption
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  • Jody Mucciarone
    The second process of a permanent wave is the
    a)physical change
    b)elasticity change
    c)chemical change
    d)influence change
    c)influence change
  • Jody Mucciarone
    IN permanent waving, the sizes of the curl is determined by the
    a)position of the rod
    b)length of the hair
    c)wrapping of the rod
    d)sizes of the rod
    d)sizes of the rod
  • Jody Mucciarone
    The permanent wave rod that produces a uniform curl along the entire width of the strand is a
    a)straight rod
    b)concave rod
    c)convex rod
    d)loop rod
    a)loop rod
  • Jody Mucciarone
    A wrapping technique using two endpapers, one placed under the strand and one over is
    a)bookend wrap
    b)double flat wrap
    c)single flat wrap
    d)end wrap
    b)end wrap
  • Jody Mucciarone
    Permanent wave rods are placed onto subsections of a panel called
    a)base sections
    b)panel sections
    c)inverted sections
    d)center sections
    a)center sections
  • Jody Mucciarone
    The position of a permanent wave rod in relation to its base section is the
    a)base direction
    b)rod angle
    c)wrapping angle
    d)base placement
    d)base placement
  • Jody Mucciarone
    The technique of wrapping at a 90 degree angle or straight out from the center is
    a)half off base
    b)base direction placement
    c)greater volume placement
    d)lesser volume placement
    a)lesser volume placement
  • Jody Mucciarone
    The two basic types of wrapping hair around a perm rod are the spiral method and
    a)loop method
    b)croquinole method
    c)placement method
    d)horizontal method
    b)horizontal method
  • Jody Mucciarone
    A technique used to wrap extra long hair using two rods in opposite directions is a (n)
    a)croquinole perm wrap
    b)ends perm wrap
    c)piggyback wrap
    d)spiral perm wrap
    c)spiral perm wrap
  • Jody Mucciarone
    A reduction reaction involves either the addition of hydrogen or removal of
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Ch 18 Milady Perms   Relaxers
Ch 18 Milady Perms / Relaxers
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