Ch 18 Milady Perms / Relaxers

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The layer of the hair that provides strength and elasticity is the

a)  medulla
b)  cortex
c)  regular
d)  shaft
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  • Jody Mucciarone
    Hair bonds that cannot be broken by heat or water are
    a)disulfide bonds
    b)cuticle bonds
    c)sulfur bonds
    d)inner bonds
    a)inner bonds
  • Jody Mucciarone
    The natural pH of hair is between
    a)4.0 and 5.0
    b)4.5 and 5.5
    c)5.0 and 6.5
    d)6.0 and 7.0
    b)6.0 and 7.0
  • Jody Mucciarone
    One of the most important parts of a successful texture service is the
    a)shampoo consultation
    b)client consultation
    c)draping procedure
    d)technical skill
    b)technical skill
  • Jody Mucciarone
    Permanent waves cannot be performed if the hair is coated with
    a)hydrogen shampoo
    b)metallic shine
    c)epsom salts
    d)metallic salts
    d)metallic salts
  • Jody Mucciarone
    Disulfide bonds are chemical-based side bonds that are formed when
    a)three peptide bonds are broken apart
    b)sulfur atoms in two adjacent protein chains are joined together
    c)two salt-type chains are joined together
    d)three salt bonds are joined together
    b)three salt bonds are joined together
  • Jody Mucciarone
    The measurement used to determine the hydrogen ions in a solution is
    a)potential of hydrogen
    b)chemical composition
    c)potential negativity
    d)chemical solution
    a)chemical solution
  • Jody Mucciarone
    Chemical texturizers temporarily raise the pH of the hair by lifting the cuticle layer to
    a)allow penetration
    b)allow amino acids to swell
    c)allow penetration to the cortex layer
    d)allow keratin proteins to be removed
    c)allow keratin proteins to be removed
  • Jody Mucciarone
    Long, coiled polypeptide chains that are part of the hairs structure are
    a)salt bonds
    b)keratin proteins
    c)alkaline proteins
    d)peptide bonds
    b)peptide bonds
  • Jody Mucciarone
    The client record card should include a complete evaluation of the length, texture, color and
    a)condition of the hair
    b)previous style of the hair
    c)clients favorite color
    d)the clients age
    a)the clients age
  • Jody Mucciarone
    During the hair and scalp analysis procedure, the stylist should look for
    a)cream conditioners
    b)abrasions or signs of scalp disease
    c)previous styling products
    d)previous successful hair services
    b)previous successful hair services
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Ch 18 Milady Perms   Relaxers
Ch 18 Milady Perms / Relaxers
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