Biology I Chapter 20

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The reason for using Taq polymerase for PCR is thatA) it is heat stable and can withstand the temperature changes of the cycler.
B) only minute amounts are needed for each cycle of PCR.s of the cycler.
C) it binds more readily than other polymerases to primer.
D) it has regions that are complementary to primers.
E) All of these are correct


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    Why might a laboratory be using dideoxy nucleotides?A) to separate DNA fragments
    B) to clone the breakpoints of cut DNA
    C) to produce cDNA from mRNA
    D) to sequence a DNA fragment
    E) to visualize DNA expression
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    Which of the following modifications is least likely to alter the rate at which a DNA fragment moves through a gel during electrophoresis?A) altering the nucleotide sequence of the DNA fragment
    B) increasing the length of the DNA fragment
    C) decreasing the length of the DNA fragment
    D) neutralizing the negative charges within the DNA fragment
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    DNA fragments from a gel are transferred to a nitrocellulose paper during the procedure called Southern blotting. What is the purpose of transferring the DNA from a gel to a nitrocellulose paper?A) to attach the DNA fragments to a permanent substrate
    B) to separate the two complementary DNA strands
    C) to transfer only the DNA that is of interest
    D) to prepare the DNA for digestion with restriction enzymes
    E) to separate out the PCRs
Biology I Chapter 20
Biology I Chapter 20
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