Biology I Chapter 22

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Which of the following observations helped Darwin shape his concept of descent with modification? A) Species diversity declines farther from the equator.
B) Fewer species live on islands than on the nearest continents.
C) Birds can be found on islands located farther from the mainland than the birds' maximum nonstop flight distance.
D) South American temperate plants are more similar to the tropical plants of South America than to the temperate plants of Europe.
E) Earthquakes reshape life by causing mass extinctions.


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    Which of the following pairs of structures is least likely to represent homology? A) The wings of a bat and the arms of a human
    B) The hemoglobin of a baboon and that of a gorilla
    C) The mitochondria of a plant and those of an animal
    D) The wings of a bird and those of an insect
    E) The brain of a cat and that of a dog
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    In the mid-1900s, the Soviet geneticist Lysenko believed that his winter wheat plants, exposed to ever-colder temperatures, would eventually give rise to ever more cold-tolerant winter wheat. Lysenko's attempts in this regard were most in agreement with the ideas of A) Cuvier.
    B) Hutton.
    C) Lamarck.
    D) Darwin.
    E) Plato.
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    As a young biologist, Charles Darwin had expected the living plants of temperate South America would resemble those of temperate Europe, but he was surprised to find that they more closely resembled the plants of tropical South America. The biological explanation for this observation is most properly associated with the field of A) meteorology.
    B) embryology.
    C) vertebrate anatomy.
    D) bioengineering.
    E) biogeography.
Biology I Chapter 22
Biology I Chapter 22
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