Chapters 15

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Calico cats are female because _______________


Calico cats are almost always female because the X chromosome determines the color of the cat and a female cat has two X chromosomes. A common male cat has one X and one Y chromosome. Since the Y chromosome does not have any color genes, there is no chance he could have both orange and non-orange together.
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  • Answered in Chapters 15

    New combinations of linked genes are due to ____________

    crossing over
  • Answered in Chapters 15

    What does a frequency of recombintion of 50% indicate?

    The two genen are likely to be located on different chromosomes
  • Answered in Chapters 15

    A 0.1% frequency of recombination is observed when________

    in genes located very close to one another on the same chromosome
  • Answered in Chapters 15

    What is the reason that linked genes are inherited together?

    They are located close together on the same chromosome
  • Answered in Chapters 15

    What is the mechanism for the production of genetic recombinants?

    crossing over and independent assortment
  • Answered in Chapters 15

    The frequency of crossing over between any two linked genes will be which of the following?

    proportional to the distance between them

    Its related to the distance. The further apart genes are, the greater the probability that crossing over will occur between them.
  • Answered in Chapters 15

    If nondisjunction occurs in meiosis II during gametogenesis, what will be the result at the completion of meiosis?

    One gamete will be n + 1, one will be n - 1, and two will be n.
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    Answered in Chapters 15

    A cell that has 2n + 1 chromosomes has _________


    The condition of having three copies of a given chromosome in each somatic cell rather than the normal number of two.

  • Answered in Chapters 15

    One possible result of chromosomal breakage is for a fragment to join a nonhomologous chromosome. What is this alteration called?

  • Answered in Chapters 15

    At which phase(s) is it preferable to obtain chromosomes to prepare a karyotype?

    Late prophase or metaphase