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interpersonal determinants of consumer behavior include all the following EXCEPT ______ influences


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  • inspectorbean16
    which of the following is an interpersonal determinant of consumer behavior?
    family influences
  • inspectorbean16
    personal and interpersonal determinants affect which step(s) in the consumer behavior process?
    each step in the consumer behavior process
  • inspectorbean16
    when McDonald's offered Madame Alexander gifts in its Happy Meals, both companies profited from the _____ arrangement
  • inspectorbean16
    a university offers alummi a special Visa card with the university's logo printed on the front. each time the cardholder uses the card, the university receives a small percentage of the amount charged. this is an example of?
    an affinity program
  • inspectorbean16
    Bailey seeks out cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and is willing to pay extra for a "green" brand. what is the main factor for Bailey's purchase?
    personal determinants
  • inspectorbean16
    a bundle of physical, service, and symbolic attributes designed to satisfy customer wants is called?
    a product
  • inspectorbean16
    consumer products are usually classified as?
    connivence products, shopping products, and specialty products
  • inspectorbean16
    items that consumers purchase frequently, immediately, and with little efforts are ____ products
  • inspectorbean16
    jan takes her car to oil express for an oil change. this is an example of a?
    convience product
  • inspectorbean16
    a combination of product lines represents a company's ______
    product mix
  • inspectorbean16
    in a process called ______, products pass through a series of stages from their initial appearances to their decline
    product life cycle
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