american government test 3

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a belief that limited government ensures order, competitive markets, and personal opportunity.


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    a consistent pattern of beliefs about political values and the role of government.
    political ideology
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    a belief that government can and should achieve justice and equality of opportunity
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    an economic and governmental system based on public ownership of the means of production and exchange.
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    a political , social, and economic system in which land and capital are collectively owned and political power is exercised by the masses.
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    an ideology that cherishes individual liberty and insists or minimal government, promoting a free market economy, a non interventionist foreign policy, and an absence of regulation in moral , economic and social life.
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    · 1. Too much reliance on government, higher taxes and the bureaucracy to solve nation’s problems.

    Criticisms of liberalism
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    · Presidential candidates and political parties try to gain public support by claiming that they are

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    · want a small government with less intervention in the economy.

    · They are more pessimistic of human nature. They argue people need strong leadership, firm laws and strict moral codes.

    · believe that the function of government is to maintain order.

    · They favor tax cuts, less environmental regulations.

    · They are very pro business interests.

    · They want to overturn abortion rights.

    · They are against affirmative action.

    · They believe that people are the architects of their own fortune and must solve their own problems and create their own successes.

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    · They believe in the rights of the individual and the right to own property, but government intervention in the economy is sometimes necessary to rectify the shortcomings of capitalism.

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    · Critics argue that conservatives want more government intervention when it serves their needs e.g. regulate abortion, but opposed to government action when it supports someone else’s

    · They are proponents of deregulation.

    Criticisms of conservatism

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    served as a barrier and enabled the US to develop a strong political culture and economy .
    atlantic ocean
american government test 3
american government test 3
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