pse 4th grade light

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The bouncing of light off an object.


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    The bending of light as it moves from one material to another.
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    Allowing light to pass through.
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    Allowing only some light to pass through.
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    Not allowing light to pass through.
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    The part of the electromagnetic spectrum that humans can see is called

    visible light
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    The waves that make up the electromagnetic spectrum differ in their _________.
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    Radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, visible light, and ultraviolet waves are part of the ________________.
    electromagnetic spectrum
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    Light travels in what kind of waves?
    transverse waves
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    In what three ways can an object affect the path of light?
    absorb light, make it bounce off, or let it pass through
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    What changes when light moves from water to air?

    The speed changes and the beam of light bends.
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    Examples of translucent materials are
    frosted glass, wax paper, tissue paper, and some types of plastic
pse 4th grade light
pse 4th grade light
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