Biology Test 1 (1-3)

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water molecules cling to the side of the beaker , and to plant cell walls. what's this example?


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  • mikeshawilliams
    water molecules are attracted to each other
  • mikeshawilliams
    example of something floats on surface.. something slides across a pond without breaking the surface
    surface tension
  • mikeshawilliams
    look at the information below .. what is true about it ?
    water 4.18, ethyl alchol 2.44,benzene 1.80, sulfuric acid 1.40
    Sulfuric acid is less resistant to temperature change than water., More heat is required to raise the temperature of 1 g of water 1 than to raise the temperature of 1 g of ethyl alcohol 1 ,Water has a high specific heat due to the hydrogen bonding between water molecules, Benzene is more resistant to temperature change than sulfuric acid.
  • mikeshawilliams
    Which term describes the degree to which an element attracts electrons?
  • mikeshawilliams
    Which terms describe two atoms when they form a bond in which electrons are completely transferred from one atom to the other?
    Anion and cation
  • mikeshawilliams
    Which of the following statements is true of the bonds in a water molecule?
    Oxygen holds electrons more tightly than hydrogen does, and the net charge is zero.
  • mikeshawilliams
    Which of the following statements about the atoms in a water molecule is true?
    The oxygen atom in a water molecule has a partial negative charge
  • mikeshawilliams
    Which modeling method only gives information about the number and identity of atoms in a molecule?
    molecular formula
  • mikeshawilliams
    Which of the following statements most accurately describes the phases of water?
    The entropy of water is higher than the entropy of ice
  • mikeshawilliams
    Why does water require so much energy to change its phase?
    Water has a large number of hydrogen bonds.
  • mikeshawilliams
    what charge does hydrogen have
    positive 1; +1
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Biology Test 1 (1-3)
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