Biology Test 1 (1-3)

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In this molecule, what type of bond is found between the oxygen and hydrogens?

in h20


polar covalent

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  • mikeshawilliams
    Which of these bonds is weakest? hydrogen or covalent and why ?
    Hydrogen Bonds are weaker than covalent bonds because they do not involve sharing of electrons, and they are weaker than ionic bonds because they involve the attraction of partial (not full) opposite charges.
  • mikeshawilliams
    Why isn't this insect drowning? (he is sitting on top of water suface)
    surface tension
  • mikeshawilliams
    water molecules cling to the side of the beaker , and to plant cell walls. what's this example?
  • mikeshawilliams
    water molecules are attracted to each other
  • mikeshawilliams
    example of something floats on surface.. something slides across a pond without breaking the surface
    surface tension
  • mikeshawilliams
    look at the information below .. what is true about it ?
    water 4.18, ethyl alchol 2.44,benzene 1.80, sulfuric acid 1.40
    Sulfuric acid is less resistant to temperature change than water., More heat is required to raise the temperature of 1 g of water 1 than to raise the temperature of 1 g of ethyl alcohol 1 ,Water has a high specific heat due to the hydrogen bonding between water molecules, Benzene is more resistant to temperature change than sulfuric acid.
  • mikeshawilliams
    Which term describes the degree to which an element attracts electrons?
  • mikeshawilliams
    Which terms describe two atoms when they form a bond in which electrons are completely transferred from one atom to the other?
    Anion and cation
  • mikeshawilliams
    Which of the following statements is true of the bonds in a water molecule?
    Oxygen holds electrons more tightly than hydrogen does, and the net charge is zero.
  • mikeshawilliams
    Which of the following statements about the atoms in a water molecule is true?
    The oxygen atom in a water molecule has a partial negative charge
  • mikeshawilliams
    Which modeling method only gives information about the number and identity of atoms in a molecule?
    molecular formula
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