Microbiology Lab exam 1

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What does TBS stand for?

triptic soy broth

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    Acid fast stain?
    a differential stain used to distinguish bacteria that contain a lg. amount of mycolic acid
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    What cant gram stain be used on cell will myclic in their cell walls?
    these cells resit gram stain technique because of wax and are referred to as gram non- reactive
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    mycolic acid
    wax (a lipid)
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    why heat carbolfuchsin the primary stain in acid fast stain?
    to soften the wax to allow the stain to penetrate the cell wall
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    acid alcohol?
    used in acid fast stain; mixture or acetone alcohol & hydrochloric acid
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    steps to acid-fast staining
    1. heat fix bacteria on slide
    2. flood the slide with carbolfuchsin
    3. pass the slide through flame several times & let cool repeat the process for 5 min. keeping carbofuchsin on slide
    4. let slide cool for 2 min and then rinse with DI water (could take several min.
    5. decolorizing w/ acid alcohol for 4 to 5 good squirts down slide vertical
    6. rinse w/ DI water
    7. add several drops of methylene blue to slide (do not heat) time for 1 min.
    8. rinse w/ DI water
    9. blot dry
Microbiology Lab exam 1
Microbiology Lab exam 1
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Microscope, simple stain, gram stain, acid fast stain & aseptic technique.