Visual Basic Mid-Term

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How many times will the message be displayed?

Dim intCount As Integer = 0


lstOutPut.Items.Add ("I love Visual Basic 2005")

intCount += 1

Loop While intCount > 10


A) 1 time

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    These two properties can be used in code to automatically select the text in a text box.


    SelectionStart, SelectionLength

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    Which of the following calls does not pass in valid arguments to the following GetANumber Sub Procedure?

    Sub GetANumber(ByVal intNumber As Integer)

    ' does some code

    End Sub


    GetANumber(intX +3, intY)

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    Which of the following code is a correctly written function named Average that will accept three integers as

    parameters, calculate their average and return the result.


    Private Function Average (ByVal intX As Integer,ByVal _

    int Y As Integer, ByVal intZ As Integer) As Single

    Return (intX + intY + intZ) / 3

    End Function

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    What is the purpose of the

    ListBox.Add method?

    A) The method will always put the item at the end of the list.

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    170) What is the value of intTotal after the following code is executed?

    Dim intNumber1 As Integer = 2

    Dim intNumber2 As Integer = 3

    Dim intTotal As Integer

    intTotal = AddSquares(intNumber1, intNumber2)

    Public Function AddSquares(ByVal intFirst As Integer, ByVal intSecond As

    Integer) As Integer

    intFirst = intFirst * intFirst

    intSecond = intSecond * intSecond

    Return intFirst + intSecond

    intFirst = 0

    intSecond = 0

    End Function

    C) 13

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    Which statement is not true regarding functions?

    B) Functions can return several values at the same time.

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    A For Next loop begins with the following statement. What is the purpose of the Step clause?

    For intX = 1 to 100 Step 5

    A) To increment the loop control variable intX by 5.

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    What does it mean to pass an argument to a procedure by value?

    A) That only a copy of the argument is passed to the procedure.

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    The major difference between a List Box versus a Combo Box is ________.

    B) a Combo Box will allow the user to enter text other than what is listed in the List

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    All of the following are true about functions except ________.

    B) you can return one or more values to the calling procedure/function

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    Setting this property to True will put the items in the list into alphabetical order.



Visual Basic Mid Term
Visual Basic Mid-Term
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