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What is the Media Dependency theory?


Be becomes dependent on the media, you NEED to be checking Facebook, you NEED to listen to the radio. You use it to fill your needs. During times of crisis. EX: 9/11. Everyone wants to know what is going on. Depending on the media. The more you use it, the more worth it has to you.

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  • swimchick
    Answered in Mass Media
    What are the parts of social/cultural media?
    Pervasive: it is everywhere, and you can't escape it.
    Fluent: The media is constantly changing
    Transparent: The public can change the media, so they need to be aware of its reputation.
    Active Audience: People are producing their own types of media.
    Privacy: the media is changing the way people view private lives. Once its online, it isn't coming off.
  • swimchick
    Answered in Mass Media
    What is the theory of the Knowledge Gap Hypothesis, and explain how it pertains to the Digital Divide.
    The knowledge gap hypothesis is that between cultures, there is a divide, even within a country. Some people may be more digitally aware of what is going on. The digital divide is the larger group from the KGH. This refers to how different nations have different limits to technology, so the more developed nations are going to have more access and knowledge to the latest information.
  • swimchick
    Answered in Mass Media
    What is hybrization, and give an example
    Hybridization is when two cultures come together and become one. They live with each other. EX: Texicans.
  • swimchick
    Answered in Mass Media
    What is the purpose of Entertainment?
  • swimchick
    Answered in Mass Media
    What is the mean world syndrome?
    They think the world is a more dangerous place than it really is. Caused by too much exposure to the media.