AP Psychology: Personality

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situation choose the person

that people's behaviors are determined by an interaction between their specific personality traits in combination with the circumstances of a particular situation

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  • erin hays
    person choose the situation
    all of the primal instincts people inherited from lower life forms during evolution It is responsible for the appearance of socially inappropriate thoughts or actions.
  • erin hays
    What is behavioral genetics?
    a field of scientific study that explores how genes combine with psychological factors to influence people's personalities, intelligence, and behaviors
  • erin hays
    What is heritability?
    a measure of the likelihood that a behavioral or cognitive trait is passed down genetically
  • erin hays
    What characterizes an individualistic culture?
    a focus on individuals attaining personal goals and personal satisfaction, often through means of competition The focus is on the individual.
  • erin hays
    What traits characterize a collectivistic culture?
    high importance placed on group satisfaction The group as a whole is more important than the individual, and individuals in these cultures work to make their behaviors suit the group as a whole.
  • erin hays
    What constitutes a quantum personality change?
    when someone drastically changes his or her personality within an extremely short period of time For example, if someone dramatically altered his or her personality within a day or less, it would be a quantum personality change.
  • erin hays
    Occasionally, people are able to dramatically change their personalities within a very short period of time. The fact that this happens challenges current theories on the way traits are defined. Why is this so?
    Currently, traits are defined as consistent and long-enduring tendencies of personality. If it's possible to change one's traits overnight, then the theory that traits are both consistent and long-lasting is less stable.
  • erin hays
    What is the primary job of the Freudian ego?
    to find a balance between the id's pleasure principle desires and the social consciousness of the superego The ego uses the reality principle to find ways to satisfy desires in a socially acceptable manner.
  • erin hays
    Freud felt that the personality developed through a series of five psychosexual stages. What are the five stages?
    1. Oral 2. Anal 3. Phallic 4. Latency 5. Genital
  • erin hays
    What period of a person's life did Freud feel was most important for personality development?
    the first 5 years
  • erin hays
    Carl Rogers' self-actualization theory has two main points. What are they?
    1. Each person's personality development is guided by his or her own unique journey towards self-actualization. 2. All people strive towards positive regard.
AP Psychology  Personality
AP Psychology: Personality
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