Child Psychology Chapter 5 OUZ

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An average North American newborn weighs how much? Average length?

7-7.5 Lbs and 20" . These figures are only averages.

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    By age 2, the typical child weighs about ____lbs, and measures ____.
    30 lbs, and 32''-36'' tall (2' 8'' - 3')
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    The typical 2 year old is almost ___ (fraction) of his or her adult weight and ____ (%) of their adult height.
    1/5, 50% So by the time a child is 2, he weighs about 1/5 of what he will weigh as an adult, and he is about 50% of the height he is going to be. If the child weighs 30 lbs and is 36" tall, that would be relevant to a 150 lb person who is 6' tall. A 2 year olds height and weight do not determine adult size and weight, I'm just demonstrating some math here.
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    True or false. Throughout childhood, regular and ample sleep correlates with

    1. Brain maturation

    2. Learning

    3. Emotional regulation

    4. Normal weight

    5. Psychological adjustment in school and within the family
    All true except #4. Sleep is not correlated to weight in childhood.
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    How is REM sleep characterized?
    Flickering eyes behind closed lids. Lots of dreaming in this stage. Brain waves are fairly rapid.
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    What is the difference between quiet sleep and transitional sleep?
    Transitional sleep is that stage where you are nodding off but you are still half awake. Quiet sleep is the stage at which brain waves are slow.
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    At what age do babies start experiencing less REM and transitional sleep, and start experiencing more quiet sleep (aka slow-wave sleep)?
    3-4 months. at this time, the various "states" of waking and sleeping are more apparent, and the baby has periods of alertness when it is neither hungry nor sleepy, and is ready to learn.
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    What percent of 1 year olds sleep throughout the night?
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    The prefrontal cortex is an area at the front of the brain that specializes in what 3 things?
    Anticipation, planning, and impulse control.
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    When the body uses it's external sensory organs to detect stimuli. For example, the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, fingers.
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    What is perception?

    The mental processing of sensory information, when the brain interprets sensation. Remember, when the brain detects sensation, it does not automatically interpret it. Perception is interpreting it.

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    Brain functions that require certain basic common experiences in order to develop normally.
    Experience expectant. These experiences happen to most babies and are expected to happen to almost every baby. For example, language. In all normal healthy babies, they will learn some form of language if they are around other people. There are neurons present that are prepared to work on language development.
Child Psychology Chapter 5 OUZ
Child Psychology Chapter 5 OUZ
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