Managerial Accounting Ch 1-3

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The process of establishing goals and specifying how to achieve them.


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    A part or activity of an organization about which managers would like cost, revenue, or profit data.
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    A company's "game plan" for attracting customers by distinguishing itself from competitors.
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    A management approach that emphasizes the importance of managing constraints.
    Theory of Constraints
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    The major business functions that add value to a company's products and services such as research and development, product design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and customer service.
    Value Chain
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    A method for analyzing cost behavior in which an account is classified as either variable or fixed based on the analyst's prior knowledge of how the cost in the account behaves.
    Account Analysis
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    A measure of whatever causes the incurrence of a variable cost. For example, the total cost of X-ray film in a hospital will increase as the number of X-rays taken increases. Therefore, the number of X-rays is the activity base that explains the total cost of X-ray film.
    Activity Base
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    All executive, organizational, and clerical costs associated with the general management of an organization rather than with manufacturing or selling.
    Administrative Costs
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    Investments in facilities, equipment, and basic organizational structure that can't be significantly reduced even for short periods of time without making fundamental changes.
    Committed Fixed Costs
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    A cost that is incurred to support a number of cost objects but that cannot be traced to them individually. For example, the wage cost of the pilot of a 747 airliner is a common cost of all of the passengers on the aircraft. Without the pilot, there would be no flight and no passengers. But no part of the pilot's wage is caused by any one passenger taking the flight.
    Common Cost
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    An income statement format that organizes costs by their behavior. Costs are separated into variable and fixed categories rather than being separated into product and period costs for external reporting purposes.
    Contribution Approach
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    The amount remaining from sales revenues after all variable expenses have been deducted.
    Contribution Margin
Managerial Accounting Ch 1 3
Managerial Accounting Ch 1-3
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