Cardiovascular System

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What do capillaries do? Describe their structure.

Carry nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood from thearteries and arterioles to the body cells.

Delicate, microscipic
Thin walls allow passage of oxygen and nutrients out of the bloodstream and into cells.

At same time, waste products such as carbon diozides and water pass out of cells and into the thin-walled capillaries.

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    What do veins do? Describe their structure.
    They conduct blood (that has given up most of its oxygen) toward the heart from the tissues.
    Have little elastic tissue and less connective tissue than the typical arteries.
    Veins have valves that prevent the backflow of blood and keep the blood moving in one direction.
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    What structures form the circulatory system for the flow of blood?
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    Largest artery in the body
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    Small artery
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    Largest type of blood vessel; carries blood away from the heart to all parts of the body. Notice that artery and away being with an 'a'.
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    atrioventricular bundle (bundle of His)
    specialized muscle fibers connecting the atria with the ventricles and transmitting electrical impulses between the. His is pronounced as "hiss."
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    atrioventricular node (AV node)
    Specialized tissue in the wall between the atria. Electrical impulses pass from the pacemaker (SA node) through the AV node and the atrioventricular bundle or bundle of His toward the ventricles.
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    Smallest blood vessel. Materials pass to and from the bloodstream through the thin capillary walls.
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    carbon dioxide (CO2)

    Gas (waste) released by body cells, transported via veins to the heart, and then to the lungs for exhalation.
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    coronary arteries
    Blood vessels that branch from the aorta and carry oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle.
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    deoxygenated blood
    Blood that is oxygen-poor.
Cardiovascular System
Cardiovascular System
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