Malama Aina (games)

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What Hawaiian values were used in games? List at least 2 values?

Laulima- cooperation
Kela- excellence
Kupono- honesty

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  • michaelisgila
    What two Makahiki games are similar and why? What are the difference?
    Ulu maika and moa pahe'e. Ulu maika roles and moa pahe'e uses a wooden dart.
  • michaelisgila
    Who was Laka and what was her significance during the Makahiki?
    Laka was the patron of hula. Wife of Lono. Came from Moloka'i.
  • michaelisgila
    Konane is a Hawaiian version of what modern day game?
    Konane is Hawaiian checkers. Difference is the game ends when there can be no more moves.
  • michaelisgila
    Explain the difference between the surfboards belonging to the chief and commoners?
    Chief surboards are called olo. longer like 14to 16 feet long. Commoners surfboards are called alai. like 10 to 12 feet long.
  • michaelisgila
    What story regarding Lono explains why there is boxing competitions during the Makahiki?
    Lono came to earth, married a mortal. Wife dumped him. Lono angry and willing to fight anyone.
  • michaelisgila
    During what phase of the Makahiki are games held? name at least 3 Hawaiian games played during that time.
    hula dancing, boxing (mokomoko), wrestling, surfing
  • michaelisgila
    Why do you think Hawaiians were so competitive?
    Best effort. pride. Winning means better status and mana.
Malama Aina  games
Malama Aina (games)
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