Psychology-1101 Chapter 1

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Who was Francis Cecil Sumner?

The first African american to earn a PH.D. in psychology; chaired psychology department at Howard university; known as the "father" of African American psychology

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    Who was George Sanchez?
    Studied cultural and linguistic bias in intelligence testing in the 1939's
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    Who were Kenneth Clark and Mamie Phipps Clark?
    They conducted studies on detrimental effects of racial segregation on African American children's self esteem that were cited in supreme court rulings that declared racial integrations in U>S>schools to be unconstitutional
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    What are the seven contemporary psychological prospective?
    Behavioral Perspective:Environmental factors
    Psychoanalytic perspective: Emotions, unconscious motivations, early childhood experiences
    Humanistic Perspective: Subjective experiences, intrinsic motivation to achieve self-actualization.
    Cognitive Perspective: mental processes
    Evolutionary Perspective: Inherited traits that enhance adaptability
    Biological Perspective: Biological structures, processes, heredity
    Sociocultural perspective: Social and cultural variables
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    What are Psychological Perspectives?
    General points of view used for explaining people's behavior and thinking, whether normal or abnormal
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    What is critical thinking?
    The process of objectively evaluating claims, propositions, and conclusions to determine whether they follow logically from the evidence presented.
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    What characteristics will we exhibit when we engage in critical thinking?
    Independent Thinking: When thinking critically, we do not automatically accept and believe what we read or hear.
    Suspension of judgement: Critical thinking requires gathering relevant and up to date information on all sides of an issue before taking a position.
    Willingness to modify or abandon prior judgements:Critical thinking involves evaluating new evidence, even when it contradicts pre-existing beliefs.
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    How do psychologists evaluate theories?
    If it has heuristic importance in the field.
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    What are descriptive research methods?
    Research methods that yield descriptions of behavior.
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    What is Naturalistic Observation?
    It is a descriptive research method in which researchers observe and record behavior in its natural setting without attempting to influence or control it.
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    What is a laboratory study?
    A descriptive research method in which behavior is studied in a laboratory setting.
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    What is a case study?
    A descriptive research method in which behavior is studied in a laboratory setting.
Psychology 1101 Chapter 1
Psychology-1101 Chapter 1
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