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What is the equation for production efficiency?

Production efficiency is the percentage of energy stored in food that is not used for respiration or eliminated waste

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    What is the water cycle?
    The ocean contains 97% if the water in the biosphere. Approx. 2% is bound in glaciers and polar ice caps which the remaining 1% is in lakes, rivers, and groundwater. The main processes in the water cycle are evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.
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    What is the carbon cycle?
    Photosynthesis removes substantial amounts of atmospheric CO2 each year. This quantity is approx. equaled by CO2 added to the atmosphere through cellular respiration by producers and consumers. The burning of fossil fuels is adding significant amounts of additional CO2 to the atmosphere.
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    What is causing the depletion of the atmospheric ozone?
    The ozone layer which reduces the penetration of UV radiation through the atmosphere is being erodedby human activities, including release of chlorine-containing pollutants.