Chapter 15: Psychological Disorders

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The three criteria that behavior must meet in order to be considered a disorder

Deviant, distressing, dysfunctional

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    What is deviant behavior?
    Different from what most people do.
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    What is distressing behavior?
    The behavior leads to discomfort.
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    What is dysfunctional behavior?
    The behavior interferes with normal functioning and can be a risk to oneself or others. Prevents person from participating in everyday social relationships, holding a regular job, or being productive in other ways.
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    What is the major tool psychologist's use to diagnose psychological disorders?
    -What does it contain?

    -Why do they use this tool?
    Diagnostic and statistical manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision ( DSM IV TR)
    -Contains detailed lists of observable behaviors that must be present for a diagnosis to be made
    -They use it because it is a uniform and universal way to classify these disorders
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    What are the characteristics and symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder? (GAD)-Have people with GAD been anxious their whole lives?
    -Can they recall when it started?
    Pervasive and excessive state of anxiety lasting at least 6 months-Been anxious throughout whole life, cannot recall when began
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    -What are panic attacks?-What are some reasons one can occur?
    -What are they characterized by?
    - Panic attacks are a sudden, short period of extreme anxiety involving physiological and psychological symptoms and intense fear. They can occur because of fear of danger, inability to escape, embarrassment, or specific objects -An overwhelming sense of impending doom—accompanied by heart palpitations, trembling, dizziness, intense dread, and even fear of dying
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    What is panic disorder? What effect does this disorder have on the body's emergency response?
    Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder characterized by panic attacks and persistent anxiety about having more attacks. It hijacks the body’s emergency response system and catapults it out of control.
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    What is agoraphobia?
    Intense anxiety and panic about being in places from which might be difficult or in which help might not be available should a panic attack occur*Note that the primary fear in agoraphobia is not of being out in public but rather of being in a situation in which the person feels trapped and unable to escape.

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    What is PTSD?What are the symptoms, grouped into 3 categories?
    An anxiety disorder that is triggered by exposure to a catastrophic or horrifying event that posed serious harm or threat to the person•Re-experiencing the trauma•Avoiding of thoughts, feelings, and activities associated with the trauma (Emotional numbing and distancing from loved ones)
    •Increased arousal, irritability, difficulty sleeping, or exaggerated startle response

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    What is a phobia?
    A persistent and unreasonable fear of a particular object, situation, or activity
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    What is social phobia? (AKA social anxiety disorder)What are things people with social phobia are afraid of?
    Extreme anxiety associated with interacting with other people.A pronounced fear of humiliation in the presence of others.

Chapter 15  Psychological Disorders
Chapter 15: Psychological Disorders
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