A.P. Biology Chapter 1

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Which domain consists of mostly unicellular prokaryotic cells that thrive in extreme conditions

Domain Archaea

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  • jmg graham
    Name the three Domains all organisms are classified into
    domain bacteria, domain archaea, domain eukarya
  • jmg graham
    List the five kingdoms within the domain Eukarya:
    Protists(2 kingdoms), Fungi, Animalia, Plantae
  • jmg graham
    summarize Darwin's two observations and the inference he made that led him to propose natural selection as a mechanism for evolution
    Observation 1: Individuals in a population vary in traits
    Observation 2: Overproduction and competition within a population
    Inference: Unequal reproductive success: those with the most useful traits survive to pass on their genes
  • jmg graham
    Define Discovery Science
    Describing nature based on inductive reasoning from observations
  • jmg graham
    Define Hypothesis-based sceince
    Attempting to explain nature through hypotheses and deductive reasoning
A P  Biology Chapter 1
A.P. Biology Chapter 1
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