Biology Final Exam 102

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What is a scientific hypothesis?

A tentative answer to a question about some natural phenomenon.

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    According to our best evidence, which of the following evolved after early modern humans had migrated out of Africa?
    Control of fire.
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    Using standard genetic notation, if an Aa male breeds with an Aa female; how many of their offspring will be homozygous?
    Two out of four.
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    Alternative versions of a gene for a given character are called:
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    Where does translation occur during protein synthesis in a eukaryotic cell?
    In ribosomes.
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    Which of the following statements is NOT true of DNA?
    The base C normally joins with the base T.
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    Which of the following is NOT true of respiration in an animal cell?
    Respiration produces ADP from oxygen and water.
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    Which of the following equations best describes the process of photosynthesis?
    Water + carbon dioxide --> glucose + oxygen
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    Which of the following is the best explanation for why cloned individuals might differ from one another in certain aspects of phenotype?
    Because phenotypes are generated by interactions of genes with environments.
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    Which of the following is true about cell division?
    Tumors arise from uncontrolled cell division.
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    If I wanted to clone YOU, which of the following methods would I use?
    I'd take the nucleus from one of you body cells and put it into an egg whose own nucleus has been removed.
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    A new drug, called Reprohibin, prevents the pituitary from producing LH in both sexes. Which of the following hypotheses might best explain how this drug acts as a agent for birth control?
    In females it blocks ovulation. It males it blocks the production of testosterone.
Biology Final Exam 102
Biology Final Exam 102
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