module 1 short answer

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What is the probability to rolling two six-sided dice and obtaining the following numbers:


a) 2 and 3? 1/18

b) 6 and 6? 1/36

c) at least one 6? 11/36

d) Two of the same number (two 1s, or two 2s, or two 3s, or two 4s etc.)? 1/6

e) An even number on both dice? 1/4

f) An even number on at least one dice? 3/4

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    X-linkage in pedigrees is often identified by what characteristic of the pedigree?

    Criss cross

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    During prophase I of meiosis, crossing over is indicated by what microscopically visible structure?

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    Which of the following are examples of monohybrid crosses?

    Aa x aa

    Aa x Aa

    AaBb x aabb

    AaBb x AaBb

    AaBB x AaBB

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    Chromosomes are in unseparated, sister-chromatid form, at the end of which phase(s)?

    Mitosis prophase, Meiosis I prophase
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    Chromosomes are randomly partitioned during _______ , contributing to genetic diversity.


    Meiosis I anaphase

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    Crossing over (genetic recombination) occurs in

    Meiosis I prophase

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    Permanent, heritable changes in genetic information (DNA) are called


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    A spontaneously aborted human embryo is characterized with respect to karyotype, and it is found to be normal except that it contains only one chromosome number two. This is an example of what type of aneuploidy?

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    Sister chromatids separate during what phase(s)?

    Mitosis anaphase and Meiosis II anaphase

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    What does it mean if a human female oocyte is no longer arrested in metaphase II of meiosis?

    The female is pregnant.

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    __________________ refers to the splitting of the cytoplasm, separating one cell into two.

module 1 short answer
module 1 short answer
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module 1 short answer
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