module 3 short answers

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Transposable elements are also known as:

Mobile genetic elements


Jumping repeats

Jumping genes

Moving genes


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    Apurinic (and apyrimidinic) sites (AP sites) involve a spontaneous loss of ______________ in an intact double-helix DNA molecule
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    mRNAs are degraded by enzymes called ____________.


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    An insulator is also known as a __________________

    boundary element
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    A eukaryotic DNA sequence that affects transcription at distant promoters is called a(n)


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    ____________________act as intermediaries between ______________________________ and specific _____ sequences to modify chromatin structure and activate transcription.

    Transcriptional activators, chromatin-remodeling complexes, DNA

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    This structure forms when an extra X chromosome is methylated and largely inactivated. It is most commonly found in females.

    Barr body
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    Mutations in the lacI and lacO genes in the lactose system often lead to full production of the three structural genes related to the lac operon even with no lactose available to the organism. Such mutations would be called________.

module 3 short answers
module 3 short answers
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