7th Grade Humanities A-Z

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What is Confucianism?


a philosophy or ethical system based on good deeds and morality based on the teachings of Confuscious

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    What is a constitutional monarchy ?

    a government in which the powers of the ruler are restricted to those granted under the constitution or laws of the nation

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    What are cooperatives?
    farms that are owned by the government; workers are told what produce they may produce
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    What is credit?
    the ability to borrow money
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    What is the Cultural Revolution ?
    a name given to China's attempt in the 1960s to improve its economy by reorganizing its farms, businesses, and most of society
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    What is currency?

    something that is used as a medium of exchange; money

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    What is deforestation?
    the destruction of trees and other vegetation
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    What is democracy?

    originates from the Greek word "demos," which means people; another name for democratic government system where people participate in the decision making process of their governments.

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    What is a democratic government system ?

    a political system in which the people play a much greater role in deciding who the rulers are and what decisions are made

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    What is desalination?
    the process of removing salt and other chemicals from the sea water
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    What is desertification?
    the process of land becoming like a desert, due to deforestation and drought
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    What is Diet (the) ?

    a two-house legislature that is elected by the Japanese people

7th Grade Humanities A Z
7th Grade Humanities A-Z
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