Physical Science 1001

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What is the chemical name for Ag2S?

Silver sulfide

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  • mbates9
    Which of the following elements is the most abundant in Earth's crust?
    a. carbon

    b. Oxygen

    c. silicon

    d. iron
    b. oxygen
  • mbates9
    the difference between cleavage and fracture is
    cleavage occurs at planes of weakness and fractures are random breaks
  • mbates9
    to be considered a silicate a mineral must contain both silicon and
  • mbates9
    what most strongly influences a mineral's hardness?
    the strength of a mineral's chemical bonds
  • mbates9
    the factors that influence bond strength are
    ionic charge
    atom/ion size
    atomic/ionic packing

  • mbates9
    a rock may be a physical mixture of all but which of the following?
    a. fossil shells

    b. solid minerals

    c. solid organic matter

    d. liquid minerals
    Liquid minerals
  • mbates9
    rocks are aggregates of
    Solid Organic Material
    They are solid.

  • mbates9
    which of the following is NOT a primary factor in melting rock (i.e. generating magma)?
    a. decreased pressure

    b. addition of water

    c. increased depth in earth's interior

    d. increased temperature
    c. increased depth in Earth's interior
  • mbates9
    which of the following types of seismic waves are the fastest?
    a. love waves

    b. S-waves

    c. P-waves

    d. Rayleigh Waves
    c. P-waves
  • mbates9
    Which of Earth's layers is composed of a liquid phase of iron and nickel?
    a. mantle

    b. inner core

    c. crust

    d. outer core
    outer core
  • mbates9
    Which of the following seismic waves showed that Earth's outer core is liquid?
    a. love waves

    b. s-waves

    c. p-waves

    d. rayleigh waves
    b. s-waves
Physical Science 1001
Physical Science 1001
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