Impacts of tourism in the french alps

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what social problems have arisen form tourism in the area? (3)

1. housing in the area is very expensive because many visitors the Chamonix area have second homes. there is a lack of affordable housing for locals.

2. night clubs and bars can cause rowdy behavior in the area and drunkenness.

3. the local shops, cafes and restaurants are tourist orientated and expensive. local people have to pay more for everyday items.

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    what are the environmental impacts of tourism in the area? (5)
    1. the roads in chamonix are narrow and become jammed easily. they can be noisy and congested at peak times.

    2. mountain footpaths have become eroded due to the sheer volume of visitors, walking and using mountain bikes in the summer.

    3. skiing "off piste" can lead to avalanches

    4. large areas need to be deforested to create space for ski runs and ski lifts. trees are important in preventing soil erosion and avalanches.

    5. the use of snow cannons can create water shortages as they use huge amounts of water to create "fake" snow.
Impacts of tourism in the french alps
Impacts of tourism in the french alps
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impacts of tourism in Chamonix
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