The circulatory system

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Four types of tissue
what type of tissue is the heart, be specific

connective(blood), nervous, muscle, epithelial
cardiac muscle

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    Study of blood?
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    liver, heart, kidney, lungs?
    hepatic, cardiac/coronary, renal, pulmonary
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    short time diseases?, long onset?
    acute, chronic
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    universal donar/ recipient
    donar O, recipient AB
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    how much of plasma is liquid stock, and of the liquid stock how much is water?
    50%, 90-98%
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    what organ determines the amount of water in the blood, it regulates it
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    what organ is a reservoir for packed blood? can you live without it?
    spleen and yes
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    examples of blood thinners
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    what is attached to the right atrium and is an extension cord to the brain
    pacemaker; technically nodule of nodes or s-a node
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    What is albumin and what is its function?
    Human serum albumin, produced in liver, is most abundant plasma protein. Main function is as a transport protein eg. for hormones, drugs, bilirubin etc. Also maintains onncotic pressure, buffers pH.
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    What do globulins do?
    One of the two types of two types of plasma proteins, other being albumin. Two kinds of globulins, alpha and beta, are primarily transport proteins or serve as substrates for forming other substances like lipoproteins and enzymes. These are made in liver. A third kind, gamma globulins (antibodies), produced by B cells, help fight infections and disease.
The circulatory system
The circulatory system
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