Growth and Development

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Klaus and Kennel (bonding) and Bowlby (attachment) theories

-Applies the principles of ethology to human beings
-Attachment is viewed as being similar to imprinting
-Intimate contact between mother and infant during the first few hours after birth is important in the development of an emotional bond to the baby
-Attachment is necessary for infants to survive
-Bowlby: infant attachments during the first six months of life is broad, after first 6 months attachment becomes more specific

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    Hinde (Sensitive periods)
    Sensitive periods for development of language, emotional attachment, and social relationships, any deficit during these sensitive periods may have an adverse effect on the child. Much depends on how severe the early deprivation and which later environmental influences meet important needs
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    Nurture theories (3)
    John Watson-classic conditions
    B.F. Skinner-mechanistic learning theory
    Robert Bandura- social learning theory
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    Humanistic theory (2)
    Abraham Maslow--theory centers around basic needs (hierarchy of needs) and human potential

    Carl Rogers--client centered approach
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    Transactional theories (2)
    Transactional perspective
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    True or False: Assessment of landmarks should be determined using corrected aged for premature infants, especially when performing Denver II
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    Corrected age
    see page 19
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    Assessment of developmental tasks
    Normally occurs in stages whereby development at one stage has an effect on the development or subsequent stages
    -Physical tasks
    -Cognitive tasks
    -Psychosocial tasks
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    Growth parameters
    Growth charts, sequential measurements, bone age (xray of tarsals and carpals determines extent of ossification)
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    When do you become concerned about a childs growth?
    Any child who crosses over multiple sequential percentile lines needs further evaluation
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    When do we calculate BMI in children?
    Should be calculated and plotted for children over 2 years old
    BMI = wt in kg/height in meters squared
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    How do you assess cognitive development?
    -Measurement by various standardized intelligence tests (IQ)
    -Need at least two separate test results to make an assessment of intellect
    -Can use toys and language-based assessment based on mental age
Growth and Development
Growth and Development
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