Cause and Effect- Napoleon Era

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Cause and Effect of Continental System

Cause: Napoleon created system to isolate Britain from European continent by cutting off trade between Britain and Europe. He did this since Britain could encourage nations on the continent to rebel against napoleonic rule (both napoleon and his family) Effect: British economy not affected, expanded trade with North and South America and East Mediterranean. Hurt European Economy, helped only France and increased resentment among merchants and increased smuggling. This smuggling lead to invasion of Spain and Portugal and the eventual downfall of Napoleon.

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    Cause and Effect of Russian invasion
    Cause: Russia withdrew from Continental System because Alexander disagreed with Napoleon on several issues (Polish Duchy of Warsaw, enlarged Austrian Territory, recognition of Bernadotte, and no help against Ottoman Empire). Napoleon invaded neutralized Russia military, should have been short decisive, victorious battle.

    Effect: Russian army retreated and forced Napoleon deep into Russia. Russian army burned as they retreated leaving nothing behind for Napoleon's army. Finally fought intense batt;e outside of Moscow. Won but with huge French loss, conquered burned city. Napoleon retreated back home to protect position. Napoleon did not conquer Russia, lost 500,000 men. Was a political and military disaster.
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    Cause and Effect of the abdication of Napoleon
    Cause: Waning decline of Napoleon's influence and power following invasion of Russia. European coalition of Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Wellington through Spain move toward France. Combined armies defeated weak French force- Battle of Nations in Leipzig

    Effect: Napoleon abdicated after defeat. March 1814- allied armies march into Paris
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    Cause and Effect of Exile to Alba
    Cause: Napoleon's defeat by European coalition forced Napoleon to abdicate and he had to leave France.

    Effect: Napoleon is forced to move to Elba, an island of the coast of Italy. With Napoleon out of the way, Europe is forced to get along. Leads to the formation of the Congress of Vienna.
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    Cause and Effects of Waterloo
    Cause: restoration of French Bourbon monarchy as part of Congress, not as popular as Napoleon. Return of Napoleon from Elba; escaped the island. French army still loyal to Napoleon. Napoleon declared peaceful intents but the European coalition did not believe him

    Effect: Other European nations sent armies to defeat Napoleon "the outlaw." Wellington with help from Russia defeats Napoleon in Waterloo.
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    Cause and Effect of Exile to St. Helena
    Cause: Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo forced him to leave France. He once again abdicated and was exiled to an island off the coast of St. Helena.

    Effect: Napoleon died there in 1821, was the official end of Napoleon's power.
Cause and Effect  Napoleon Era
Cause and Effect- Napoleon Era
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