Chapter 13 - Biology Test

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What is a locus?

1. The precise location of a gene on a chromosomes?
2. A structure that occurs during prophase I and consists of two paired genes
3. The precise DNA sequence of a gene
4. A cell with two chromosome sets.

1. The location of a gene on a chromosome

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  • jeri
    Sexual and Asexual Reproduction are alike in that they both

    1. Give rise to genetically distinct offspring
    2. They both involve two parents
    3. They both require meiosis to complete the reproductive cycle
    4. They can both occur in multicellular organisms
    5. In both cases, every parent transmits all of its genes to its progeny.
    4. They can both occur in multicellular organisms
  • jeri
    A clone is a product of

    1. Asexual reproduction
    2. sexual reproduction
    3. Mitosis
    4. Meiosis
    5. The first and third answers are correct
    The first and third answers are correct
  • jeri
    Fertilization produces

    1. A haploid zygote in some life cycles and a diploid zygote in others
    2. A haploid zygote
    3. A diploid zygote
    4. A multicellular zygote in all life cycles
    A diploid zygote
  • jeri
    Which of the following results in cells receiving only half of the parental number chromosome number?

    1. cytokinesis
    2. mitosis
    3. meiosis
    4. interphase
    5. metaphase
  • jeri
    In sexually reproducing species, the chromosome number remains stable over time because _____ and _____ always alternate.

    1. meiosis, fertilization
    2. mitosis, fertilization
    3. meiosis, mitosis
    4. meiosis, interphase
    5. meiosis I, meiosis II

    1. meiosis, fertilization
  • jeri
    For this example only lets say - The egg (ovum) of a rabbit contains 22 chromosomes. How many chromosomes are in the somatic (body) cells of a rabbit?

    1. 11
    2 22
    3 44
    4 88
    5 104

  • jeri
    In a diploid cell containing 10 chromosomes, meiosis results in the formation of daughter cells containing _____ chromosomes

    1. 5
    2. 10
    3. 20
    4. 40
    5. 0

  • jeri
    How many pairs of autosomes do humans have?

    1. 22
    2. 23
    4. 2
    4. 1
    5. It depends on the sex of the individual.
    1. 22
  • jeri
    Sister chromatids ___________.

    They are found in animal cells but not plant cells
    2. They have genes for the same traits on the same loci
    3. They pair up in prophase II
    4. Are identical copies of each other formed during DNA synthesis
    5. They are found in cells of human females but not human males.

    4. Are identical copies of each other formed during DNA synthesis
  • jeri
    Humans have 46 chromosomes. This number of chromosomes will be found in _____.

    1. All cells in anaphase of mitosis
    2. All egg and sperm cells
    3. All gamete producing cells after meiosis I
    4. Liver cells
    5. All cells in the body

    liver cells