Ancient China

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What was feudalism?

Under a feudal system, nobles owned the farmland and had peasants or serfs to work it. These workers paid the nobles for the use of the land and the nobles paid part of that to the king.

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    What was a dialect? What problem did it cause rulers and how did they solve it?
    A dialect is a different way of speaking o pronouncing the same language. China's mountains and deserts broke the country in to many different regions that were isolated from each other and developed different ways of speaking.

    Not having a common way of speaking caused problems for rulers trying to communicate to different parts of the country. They invented writing to solve the problem, sine the written words were the same everywhere.
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    Who was Confucius?
    Confucius was a wise teacher who lived from 551 to 479 B.C.E., the last yeas of the Zhou dynasty.

    Although he was born of noble parents, he grew up poor and was orphaned as a child. But he studied hard and became veery educated.
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    What was Confucianism?
    Confucius's basic idea was the "Golden Rule," that people should be peaceful and treat each other as they would want to be treated themselves.

    More specifically, he believed that this began in the family and moved out to the ruler and was the model for good government, that is obedience and respect.
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    What were the five basic relationships according Confucius's teachings?
    1. husband and wife
    2. father and son
    3. older and younger brother
    4. friend and friend
    5. ruler and subject
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    What was the fundamental principal of government according to Confucius?
    Government should be based on virtue or goodness, not laws and punishment.

    Government officials should earn their jobs through education and talent, not family connections.
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    Who was Mencius?
    A follower (disciple) of Confucius.
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    Who wer some opponents of Confucius and what did they believe?
    Moists--people who followed Mozi and believed in universal love and not just for the family.
    Legalists--people who believed in laws and punishment as basis for government.
    Daoists--followers of Laozi, who wanted a small, simple society where people sought inner peace, the Way, and harmony with nature.