AP World History 600-1450 C.E.

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How did the size of the Arab Empire affect the Abbasid Caliphate by the late ninth century?

The vast size of the empire made it enormously difficult to control, which caused Abbasid power to wane.

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    Who united Muslims and led them in repelling Christian invaders during the Crusades?
  • Ryan
    What two entities replaced the caliphate as the focus of Islamic religious life in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries?
    the madrasas and the Sufi brotherhoods
  • Ryan
    This group attacked/invaded England, France, and Spain during the 8th and 9th centuries. It also settled Iceland and Normandy at that time.
    the Vikings
  • Ryan
    What was a fief?
    a grant of land given in return for military service
  • Ryan
    How were questions of doctrine handled by the church hierarchy during the Middle Ages?
    Councils of bishops were called.
  • Ryan
    Who was the first Holy Roman Emperor?
    Otto the Great
  • Ryan
    During the Middle Ages, Western Europe experienced a conflict between three distinct legal traditions. What were these?
    Roman law, church law (canon), and Germanic feudal law
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    In addition to their religious function, what other roles did monasteries fill during the Post-Classical era?
    some possible answers: orphanages inns shelters for widows/women educational centers libraries
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    How did innovations such as the horse collar and breast-strap harness impact Europe around the 11th century?
    They facilitated population growth.
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    What event, in large part, gave Europeans their first exposure to the works of ancient Greek philosophers?
    the Crusades
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    Who were the Uigurs?
    a Turkic people who established a short-lived (roughly 50-year) empire in Central Asia during the 8th century
AP World History 600 1450 C E
AP World History 600-1450 C.E.
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