AP World History 600-1450 C.E.

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As trade on the Indian Ocean developed during the Post-Classical Era, how did weather patterns affect trade routes?

During the Southwest Monsoon season (April to September), goods largely traveled from India/Asia to Africa. During the Northeast Monsoon Season (November to February), goods largely traveled from Africa to India/Asia.

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  • Ryan
    Substantial conflict between two religions greatly weakened the Tang dynasty in the 9th century. Which religions were these?
    Confucianism and Buddhism
  • Ryan
    Many African and Asian empires, such as Mali in Africa and Delhi in southern Asia, were governed largely by which religion?
  • Ryan
    True or False: the Mongols invaded Europe between 400 and 1000 C.E.
  • Ryan
    Peasants revolted, laborers began demanding higher pay, and serfdom began to decline in favor all largely because of which event?
    the Black Death
  • Ryan
    Tenochtitlan provides an example of what impressive aspect of the Aztec civilization?
    highly developed, complex urban centers
  • Ryan
    Islam was spread on the Arabian Peninsula largely thanks to the efforts of which nomadic group?
  • Ryan
    When the Mongols came to power, the population in many subjugated lands actually experienced a substantial decrease. Why?
    The Mongols brought war and disease. In addition, many individuals migrated to avoid the invasion.
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    At its height, the British Empire was the largest empire overall in world history. Which empire was the second largest at its height, and the largest contiguous empire in world history?
    the Mongol Empire
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    In what year was the Battle of Hastings?
  • Ryan
    What was the significance of the Battle of Hastings? (Try to name three points)
    language: many French words were added into Old English society: destruction of the old English aristocracy last successful conquest (not invasion) of England
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    Prior to the 7th century C.E., Christianity was the religion of choice in much of Northern Africa. As Islam began to spread southward, however, Christianity survived only where?
    Egypt and parts of Ethiopia
AP World History 600 1450 C E
AP World History 600-1450 C.E.
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