AP Psychology: History and Approaches

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What was wilhelm wundt's approach to psychology called?

He is credited with starting the first psychology laboratory in 1879, and he established a psychological approach called structuralism.

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    What was wilhelm wundt approach to psychology?

    an approach to studying psychology that focused on the function of the mind's processes (as opposed to the structure in structuralism) and how those processes change to adapt to the environment
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    Who is considered the father of the psychoanalysis?
    Sigmund Freud
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    Max Wertheimer and colleagues established which psychological approach?
    the Gestalt approach
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    What was the major criticism of structuralism?
    that it was not scientific enough in its findings because its method for understanding the structure of conscious processes --introspection--could be subject to self-report bias
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    The idea that emotions are engendered from physiological changes is a tenet of what psychological approach?
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    Which psychological approach dominated American psychology for the first half of the 20th century?
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    What are the basic tenets of the behaviorism?
    -emphasized the scientific analysis of behaviors to influence and predict future behaviors -rejected other approaches' emphasis on introspection in favor of studying observable behaviors
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    In 1924, John B. Watson made a famous "guarantee." What was it, and to what psychological approach did it belong?
    -Watson, in a famous quote, guaranteed that he could take any group of children at random and mold them into whatever he wanted them to be by influencing their behaviors -the behaviorism approach
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    Which modern psychological approach examines how our nervous systems, brain cells, and genes interact with our environments to influence our personalities, attitudes, and perceptions?
    the biological approach
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    On what types of processes does the modern psychological approach of cognitive psychology focus?
    the way people process information, how they use that information, and how this affects the way they perceive and interact within the outside world
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    A psychologist explains her psychological approach to you by saying: "I analyzed the events of my clients' childhoods and explored their unconscious fears and desires in order to understand the motivations behind their actions." To which psychological approach would you say she subscribes?
    the psychoanalytic approach.
AP Psychology  History and Approaches
AP Psychology: History and Approaches
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