Disease and Disorders

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The three major groups of carbohydrates are

a. fats, protiens, and minerals
b. glucose, fructose, and glactose
c. monosaccharides, disaccharides, polysaccharides
d. breads, fibers, and cereal

C. monosaccharides

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    Glactose is a product of the digestion of

    A. Milk
    B. Meat
    C. Breads
    D. Vegetables
    A. milk
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    The digestion of fats mainly occur in the

    a. small intestine
    b. large intestine
    c. stomach
    d. mouth
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    2 foods that contain a large amount of saturated fat is

    a. lamb and icecream
    b. margrine and jam
    c. mayo and p.b.
    c. chocolate and fish

    a. lamb and icecream
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    A simple sugar to which all carbs are converted is
    a. surcrose
    b. glucose
    c. galactose
    d. maltose

    B. Glucose

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    Vitamin necessary for blood clotting is Vitamin

    a. A
    b. K
    c. D
    e. niacin
    B. Vitamin K is necessary for proper
    blood clotting
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    Good source of vitamin C are

    a. meats
    b. dairy
    c. breads and cereals
    d. citrus fruits
    D. Citrus Fruits
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    A precancerous lesion in which occurs on
    mucous membrane of
    tounge and common w/ smokers is
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    A condition in which the heart is unable to pump adequate amounts of
    blood to tissues and organs is

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    Inflamation of the meninges of the brain and spinal cord due usually to
    bacteria infection is
Disease and Disorders
Disease and Disorders
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