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In what phase to chromatids become chromosomes?

When the chromosomes first become visible they are already doubled, each homologue having been duplicated during the preceding S phase. .... Double- stranded breaks (DSBs) often occur in the DNA of the chromatids, ... How they are able to do so across the synaptonemal complex, which is over 100 nm thick

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    which would contain more DNA, a cell that is jsut about to enter interphase or a cell that has just completed interphase?
    Interphase, includes G1, S phase, and G2 phase, the three phases that come before mitosis (cell division). During Interphase , DNA gets replicated in preparation for mitosis leading to double the amount of DNA present by the end of interphase. The total number of chromosomes at the end of interphase is 46.
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Tell what mitosis does to the number of chromosomes. What does meiosis do?
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