Motivation (exam 2)

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What three things will the Attribution Theory Affect?

1. emotions
2. Motivation
3. Expectations

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  • cmcdouge
    Theories of Emotion- Lange
    (an event occurs, you're aroused, you perceive the arounsal, you have an emotion)
  • cmcdouge
    Theories of Emotion- Schachter/Singler
    (an event occurs, you're aroused, you appraise the siuation, you decide you are scared)
  • cmcdouge
    Stages of human sexual response cycle
    desire, excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution
    desire- related to motivation, when someone dresses up they want to attract someone else
    Excitement- heightened arousal (vascular change in blood flow; man: erection, women: lubrication)
    Plateau- increased muscle tension, heart rate, breathing
    Orgasm- reduce from tension, ejeculation
    Resolution- ending
Motivation  exam 2
Motivation (exam 2)
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