Emotions and Motivation

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yerkes-dodson law

performance increases with arousal until an optimal point, after which arousal interferes with performance
students perform best on exams when feeling moderate anxiety

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  • kristina bont
    extrinsic motivaiton
    motivation to perform an activity because of the external goals toward which that activity is directed
  • kristina bont
    intrinsic motivation
    motivation to perform an activity because of the value or pleasure associated with that activity rather than for an apparent external goal or purpose
  • kristina bont
    self-perception theory
    people seldom are aware of their specific motives and instead draw interences about their motivations according to what seems to make the most sense
  • kristina bont
    self efficacy
    the expectancy that your efforts will lead to success, this belief helps mobilize your energies
  • kristina bont
    self regulation
    when people alter or change their behavior to attain personal goals
  • kristina bont
    achievement motive
    desire to do well relative to standards of excellence
  • kristina bont
    need to belong theory
    the need for interpersonal attachments is a fundamental motive that has evolved for adaptive purposes
  • kristina bont
    social comparison theory
    motivated to have accurate information about ourselves and others
  • kristina bont
    sensory-specific satiety
    animals will stop eating relatively quickly if they have just one type of food to eat, but they will eat more if presented with a different type of food
  • kristina bont
    sexual response cycle
    a pattern of pysiological responses during sexual activity
    excitement phase, plateau phase, orgasm phase
  • kristina bont
    sexual strategies theory
    evolutionary theory that suggest men and women look for different qualities in their relationship partners because of gender specific adaptive problems
Emotions and Motivation
Emotions and Motivation
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