Business Ed, Chapter 3

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Top 10 Reasons for Business Ethics

1. Satisfy shareholder expectations
2. Protect the reputation of the business
3. Build trust with those groups with which they work
4. Guard against unethical employees and competitors
5. Establish a working environment that matches their core values
6. Ensure that the business is an equal opportunity employer
7. Maintain a safe working environment for employees
8. Engage actively with local communities as a partner
9. Maintain high standards of integrity
10. Adhere to the practices of full disclosure on the quality of goods and services

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    Laws that Govern Corporate Ethics
    > Workplace Safety
    > Antidiscrimination Issues
    > Harrasment
    > Accessibility Issues for Disabled People
    > Environmental Responsibilities
    > Labour Practices
Business Ed  Chapter 3
Business Ed, Chapter 3
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